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【 Comment 】

Please write about your present situation and the reason why you apply for in order to start the session smoothly.

It is mandatory for the person who wants to take each Personal Session and Remote session and participate in Satsanga, and has six months blank from the last session.

※Please write in the comment space, in case you want to apply for Remote Session for two persons.

【 Attached file 】
(※ Please send the photograph of the person who takes Remote Session. )

【 About Personal Information 】

・ We observe the protection of personal information so that you can take each session with security.
・ Your personal information that you write in the application form of the session is made use of appropriately according to your application and request.
・ Personal information is not disclosed and offered to the third person without your agreement and compliance.
・ It is exclusive of the case that the disclosure is requested by the law of personal information protection.
【 Confirmation

・ Please come to the session wearing comfortable clothes.
・ Please note that you feel sleepy and less careless temporally after the session. Please don’t drive a car to the session for safely.
・ Please note that some sensitive persons feel subtle vibrations, sleepy, floating, stop thinking, rarely, hear Nada sound (the sound caused by clarifying chakra) and have headache, fever, gastrointestinal disorder trouble, etc. by the effects of clarifying after the session

※ This is not alternative medicine
※ Recording, video recording and taking photos are prohibited during the sessions.
【 About Payment of charge

※ Please transfer the charge of the session to the bank account until the due date.

※ You can pay the charge in Satsanga directly.

【 About Cancelling Charge 】

1100% after transferring the charge
Personal Session
50% from 7 days to 2 days before the session

100% from 8 o’clock of the day before till the day of the session
Remote Session
50% from 7 days to 2 days before the session

100% from 8 o’clock of the day before till the day of the session
Other Session
50% from 7 days to 2 days before the session

100% from 8 o’clock of the day before till the day of the session

※ If you cancel the session without notice, you can’t ask the session next time.
※ The amount of money which transfer fee and cancelling charge are subtracted from the charge of the session is transferred to your bank account.
※ In case of our cancellation, the total amount of the charge is paid back.

【 About Personal Information & Confirmation & Payment & Cancelling Charge 】

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